What Should First Time Home Buyers In The Greater Toronto Area Know?

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Being a first-time buyer in the greater Toronto area is not a simple task. 2018 has set in with its fair share of troubles. The increase of mortgage qualification rates by the government has left many potential buyers waffling.

The unexpected change has thrown homebuyers into a state of uncertainty and confusion. The changes do very little to address the government concerns on home prices due to the massive supply shortage facing major markets. If the shortages go on unaddressed, the concerns will persist as well.

How The Home Buyer Landscape Has Changed

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The 20% down payment is now seemingly unattainable. Even the uninsured mortgage borrowers have to go great lengths in proving that they are able to pay off the monthly mortgage within the limited 5-year benchmark rates as published by the Bank of Canada, or an additional 2% on their contract mortgage rate. To survive, your income must be sufficient to cover up the extra costs.

The changes are a huge blow to young and inexperienced buyers with financial limitations. While the changes are very unfavorable to first-timers, the rates draw a danger line to keep off any unable buyers. Secondly, the unreasonable rates are not commensurate to the rising demands. The housing shortages cannot sustain the ever-growing population.

What Is The Average Home Buyer’s Budget?

The average rate is $350,000 for the average first time home buyer. If you are used to downtown Toronto’s process, this may seem way too small, but it aligns with what many buyers can afford. In the Great Toronto Area, the median resident’s income varies between $38,018 for a single person to 132,596 for a couple.

According to most financial experts, to ease your mortgage, ensure your mortgage costs do not go beyond 30% of your monthly income. With taxes, maintenance, and utilities, you need minimum household earnings of $61,500 after taxing or just $5,120 per month. To avoid mandatory default insurance, you need a 20% down payment equal to around $70,000.

However, with the surged rates, we are forced to assume a supposed rate of 5.5% translating to an upshot in monthly payments to $1,709.

Best Areas For First-Time Home Buyers

Identifying the best areas to purchase your home is not impossible. Once you understand your ideal kind of lifestyle that appropriately fits into your budget, you will easily weed out any unfavorable deals and determine what suits you best. For an all-time urbanite, Hamilton is the best choice. For a relaxed lifestyle, Tecumseth will do just fine. Finally, Oshawa is the best catch if you intend to raise your young family.

Bad Credit Mortgage Can Bring You Through Trying Times

One great advantage of obtaining a bad credit mortgage in Montreal despite poor credit is that even though the interest rate might be more than the loan,  you will be building collateral once you close the offer and get into the home. If the housing industry appreciates, the value of the home you own will increase and the amount of money you still pay back will certainly reduce. This will make it possible to market your house for more if you want to use money as a down payment on your next house. A bad credit home loan will also enable you to get into a home with a little down payment. There will be a trade-off in a higher rate of interest, but if you do not have enough money, poor credit home loans will be an option for you.

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